- About

My names Kevin, I'm 17 years old and I've been playing Halo since 2006. Been Playing Competitively since late 07. Went to my first MLG event in 08. My last MLG event was Anaheim 11. Currently in need of a sponsor to reach goal of achieving pro status.

- History

I have competed at 5 events. Placings Orlando 08 LBR1 (First Event, ended up choking on mainstage.) Orlando 09 LBR5 (Top 64, Got knocked out by Power and 2nd seeded am team)Nashville 10 LBR5 ( Top 64, Teamed with locals.) Anaheim 11 LBR4 ( Last Minute team got knocked out by Poweezy's team.)

- Highlights

MLG Orlando 09 LBR5 (top 64)rnDoritos Nashville Combine LBR5 (top 64)rn